Every year we guide our Maine Trophy Moose Hunts out of remote tent camps miles off the beaten path. Hunting out of a remote tent camp can have some significant advantages over hunting from a fixed location hunting lodge. If you can do a week without the frills and indoor plumbing that are customary at many lodges, we feel you will be truly thankful that you did.  Not only does hunting out of remote tent camps offer many advantages, it truly can provide you with many great lifelong memories!!

So…… Here are the top ten reasons to go remote on your Maine Trophy Moose Hunt!

  1. We can set up camp right in the Epicenter of trophy Maine moose habitat. Literally!!
Looks like we have a visitor in our zone 8 remote Maine moose camp…
not kidding when we say “Epicenter” of moose habitat

2. Less driving to begin or end your hunting day

3. Hunting out of remote tents heated by wood stoves, miles and miles away from society, gives many lasting memories on what may be your only chance to hunt Maine moose in your lifetime

The most comfortable remote moose camp accommodations in Maine!
A warm lunch break in camp during a cold October day of Maine moose hunting



4. A shower with real plumbing feels all that more refreshing after a week without

5. Sometimes its kind of entertaining kicking moose turds out of the way setting up tents

moose turds… a welcome sight in moose camp

6. Falling asleep to the sound of pure wilderness aint all that bad

7. Its challenging, therefore rewarding

Camp after a frosty and snowy October hunt
Guides Mark and Chris packing one out…

8. Sometimes its nice to briefly unplug from society and all of its modern conveniences

9. Walking out of the tent in the middle of the night, only to look up at a sky filled with more stars than you can imagine, forces you to stop and pause for a few moments. Moments that often get skipped by in everyday life

A night under the Milky Way on your Maine Trophy Moose Hunt
















10. The ability to walk right out of your tent and start hunting if need be. A luxury not found at many lodges

Savannah’s Maine Trophy Moose with Epic Adventures


For more information about our Maine Trophy Moose Hunts please visit our Epic Adventures website at www.EAGUIDES.com






Author: Brian Donaghy

Professional Maine Hunting Guide and Alaskan Fly Fishing Guide.

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