Have you ever dreamed of running a remote wilderness trapline? If so, then look no further than Epic Adventures. After a couple years off from offering these trips, we are excited to offer them again starting in 2018. New regulations forced us to reconsider the trips and put them on hold for a bit, but after missing out the last two seasons we have decided to make a go of it even with the new regulations. In todays world with regulations being set by citizen referenda rather than sound science, you never know if the next season may be your last. So we want to offer these trips again before trapping in Maine is lost forever. Both Brian and Mark are very accomplished trappers and knowledgable guides. They are the authors of the instructional trapping DVD “A Maine Trapline.” They began their trapping endeavors with the Mustelid family of animals and that is their true passion. Trapping is mainly a numbers game, but you can improve the odds of that numbers game by using more efficient tactics. This is something that we learned very early at Epic Adventures and we look forward to sharing our tried long line experiences and techniques with you.

Joe Bowen of WV on his remote trapping trip with us. It was Joe’s life long dream to come to Northern Maine and run a remote trapline. We were blessed to see his wish through before he passed to cancer the following Spring. RIP Joe and we’ll see you up there in 2018.

The marten trapping trip we offer is located in the historic Allagash Wildlerness Area of Maine. This is the true bread and butter of the Maine wilderness trapper and takes place in a 3.5 million acre trappers heaven! If you are interested in a mixed bag line with some water trapping for otter, mink, or beaver mixed in with some marten and fisher trapping than we recommend that you book your trip in the first half of November. If you are strictly interested in Marten and fisher, than we recommend that you book your trip later in November and December. December can be cold and snowy, but it provides some of the best marten and fisher trapping and a true wilderness marten experience.

A great tend of the line!
Doubles year after year are no accident…




















Double on mink even after freeze up!














Everything is included that you will need for a full week of trapping. Our gear, traps, transportation, fuel, lodging, gate fees, landowner permissions, and hearty meals are all included. You just have to show up with a warm sleeping bag, clothing for the week, and a valid Maine trapping license (not included) ready for a week of wilderness trapping catered to your needs and desires. We have a five-day tend restriction on the area we trap for marten. This allows us to run large numbers of traps. Typically a marten/fisher line that you will set with us could span 100 miles or more. You will arrive in camp the night before trapping starts. The next four days will be spent setting out as many traps as possible, and then the fifth and sixth days will be spent checking the traps. You depart camp on the seventh morning to head home. So you will have seven nights in camp with six full days of trapping. Accommodations will either be in a heated canvas wall tent or remote cabin depending on time of year and line that we run. At the end of the week we will allow you to take home ALL of the fur caught!!! We are confident that there is not another guide, trapper, or outfitter in the State of Maine that offers a quality trapping trip anywhere near what we offer at Epic Adventures. We pride ourselves on being the pioneer of remote trapping trips offered in Maine. You will not be disappointed in this trip!!

A toasty warm home for the week miles and miles from society.

NEW FOR 2018 – 3 day “Trapping Clinics”

New for 2018 we are starting to offer three day clinics. Come spend three days trapping with us on one of our remote traplines. These clinics will take place on an active remote trapline, so you will get to check traps that already have four trap nights soak time on them. You will witness furbearer catches and be able to take home one of each species of furbearer caught during your trip. This trip is designed for the novice trapper who is looking to get a jumpstart on their trapping career. You will learn a lot more in three days with experienced trappers than you would in quite a few years of trying it on your own. The first two days will be spent riding along checking traps. The third day will be spent putting up fur from the tend, moving or setting new traps, and going over any information/questions you would like to cover after riding along the previous days. Meals and four nights lodging are included. A valid Maine trapping license is not included.
These clinics will be filled with instruction to include:
– Setting traps
– Finding trap locations
– What gear should be used on a remote trapline
– Identifying furbearer sign
– Trapline safety and efficiency
– Planning a trapline
– Fur care and preparation

Marten and Fisher double, not something that happens often!

2018 price/dates
Wilderness week long trapping trip – $2495
Three day “Trapping Clinic” – $995

$250 non-refundable deposit required at time of booking, (if our trapping season is shut down due to new regulations, your deposit will be refunded. Cancelations will not be refunded) remaining balance due ten days prior to arrival. Non-Resident trapping license $317 not included in trip price, must hold valid trappers safety course or previous trapping license in your State to obtain a non-resident Maine trapping license


November 4 – 10 : Foothold marten/fisher focus combined with water line and possibility of k9. All daily sets and tends.

November 11 – 17 : Foothold marten/fisher and water line focus. All daily sets and tends.

November 18 – 24 : BOOKED

November 25 – December 1 : Marten/Fisher conibear focus. Five day tend.

December 2 – 8 : Marten/Fisher conibear focus. Five day tend.

December 9 – 15 : Marten/Fisher conibear focus. Five day tend.

Three day clinics will be filled in between booked trips or in the time period after our booked trips. Week long trip bookings will take priority over three day clinics.

Joe waited 59 years for his first Marten and as he would say…. “We we’re shitting in tall cotton now!!”
Dylan tagging along on his first remote trapping trip!
Remote living in comfort!


Please check out our website for more information on our Remote Maine Wilderness Trapping Trips!!




Author: Brian Donaghy

Professional Maine Hunting Guide and Alaskan Fly Fishing Guide.


  1. Mark, Brian:

    Thought of you guys and your video today when I was checking my rat/beavers sets in a difficult marsh here in upstate NY. Used your “dive log” staple through a free jaw deal on a #160 coni for rats.
    Was just the right combination & too deep for a stabilizer. Used two lengths of wire to fasten the jaw and “fenced off the sides…..worked like a charm. Nice 4# rat next morning…maybe today too??

    At 70 years old, I’m still hanging in there. Love your video!

    1. That is great to hear Tim!!! Really appreciate the feedback. Thats the great thing about trapping, you learn something new every time out. Even better to hear that you are still going at it at 70!


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